A New Journey

I am ready for success.

I am ready to lose the negativity.

I am ready to be passionate about my life.


It is funny how a few amount of words can turn your day around. How it can change your life completely. Just one sentence is all that it takes and you know everything is going to be okay. For me…those words were this:


 “We are happy to inform you that Booktrope would like to move forward with publishing your book.”


Never did I ever expect to read these words.


Yes, I dreamed the day would come. I love my story and characters. I believed in them. But everyone always suffers from self-doubt.


Not anymore.


The day I read these words on my computer…everything changed.


I became hopeful. Excited. I became inspired again when I’ve been struggling to write this second book. Everything has changed. I am no longer letting myself wallow in self-doubt. I am no longer debating if I should quit writing. And I am no longer questioning my talent.


Everything is fresh and exciting. A new sense of hope has been restored.


I know this is only the first step. That my success depends on how much effort I put into this. But it’s a start and that’s more than what I could say a few weeks ago. This is just the beginning and there is still a long road to travel down. Even if I only have a handful of dedicated readers…


I get to live my dream and not many people can say that.


It’s a blessing. A new humble beginning for my family and I. All the hard work and time I put into it, all the times that I spent writing instead of with my family, all the times I forgot to switch over the laundry, or run the dish washer; it wasn’t for nothing. During those times, I would feel guilty and I would be upset with myself. But now…I feel a sense of peace within myself.  Yes, I can never get back that time I missed but I am now a living example to my children.


I am teaching them the value of hard work and time. I am showing them that DREAMS can come true if you are willing to go after them.


And that is the greatest feeling in the world.


So here is to a new start for myself and my family. Here is to those who don’t believe that dreams can come true. Hard work and dedication really do pay off. Take it from someone who knows. Take it from someone who knows firsthand what self-doubt can do to a person.


Don’t give up. Don’t stop until you are doing what you love. Life is short. Grab it by the wings and soar with it.

A New Journey has begun

A New Journey has begun

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