Writing while Parenting

So I was going to write this post next week but today has been a true example of what the post is about.

***Warning this post might run a little long but I hope it’s amusing***

Before I dig in, let me clue you in on a little bit about my children.
I have a 13 (step) daughter…who I will refer to as Ms. Diva.
My 9 year old (step) son is Mr. Speed Racer (Mr. SR)
My 5 year old daughter is Ms. Drama Queen (Ms. DQ)
And my 2 year old son is Mr. Daredevil. (Mr. DD)

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my children, I really do, but some days…..some days they are completely crazy. Which makes writing so difficult.

While the two older kids are away at school for the day, I am home with the younger two. My husband works full time and I stay at home with the kids. I was excited when school started again, I thought to myself “Being home with just the two will be a walk in the park.”

It isn’t. Not even close.

Mr. Daredevil, is just that a daredevil. If he isn’t climbing on things and jumping off without a care in the world, he is getting into everything, and if he isn’t getting into everything, he is having a catastrophic meltdown. I swear, I should get him into opera or something when he is older, because he has got a set of lungs on him.

So today is one of those days where I really want to write. I’m just a couple chapters away from completing the second book and I’m in the mindset but first I have to get the kids off to school. The three older kids woke up at 6 am (because they don’t understand that is wayyyy to early to wake up), and they were being loud. They woke up Mr. DD, who does not like to be awaken unless it is on his own terms. So the morning was off to a rocky start already. Mr. DD was fussing and crying for no reason. He kept following me around like a lost puppy and throwing himself to the floor when I wouldn’t pick him up. I know…such a terrible mom. But 6 am is way to early to be toting around a crying two year old who weighs 35 lbs. Then Ms. DQ starts crying because Mr. SR was being a grump, as he usually is every morning, and Ms. Diva was pulling her usually teenage angst baloney. Needless to say, by 6:30, I was ready for nap time. It’s time for Ms. Diva to walk to school and get ready for Mr. SR’s bus to come but who would’ve guessed….his jacket is missing. The same jacket that I washed last night after the kids were in bed and could’ve sworn it was in the dryer. It wasn’t and we started looking high and low for it. Somehow, the jacket decided to grow legs and walk upstairs to my bedroom. I don’t know how it got there but it did. Crisis averted for the time being. Mr. SR watches for the bus, thankfully it stops right in front of our driveway, and leaves for school at 7:35.

By this time, I was cranky but I still wanted to write. I made breakfast for the kids and put on a movie. I figured I would snuggle with them and watch a part of the movie with them like we do every morning before I write. Well, apparently the two youngest kids had other plans in mind, and they didn’t watch the movie. Just my luck. So I sit down at the computer to write, which Mr. DD, has made perfectly clear that he doesn’t like when I do this. As I’m sitting at the desk, I look over into the kitchen and see Mr. DD standing on top of the table, a tire wrench in hand and swinging at the kitchen light. I groan but don’t say anything, proceed to take the wrench away and explain to him that will give him ‘owies.’ He didn’t like that very much and decided a temper tantrum was necessary at the moment. When he finally calmed down, I go back to the computer. By this time, Ms. DQ is complaining that she is thirsty but doesn’t want water. I let her know that she can have water or nothing at all and she then decides to throw fit.

By 8:45, I get off the computer and decide to try and hang out with the kids and do a puzzle. I don’t know what I was thinking…puzzle pieces were flying everywhere and they were fighting over the pieces. 15 minutes later, my husband calls on his lunch break and any parent knows that as soon as you get on the phone…World War 3 breaks out. I try talking with my husband while dealing with another temper tantrum from MR. DD because I put the puzzle away. I talk to my husband a little bit longer and he goes back to work. Not even two minutes later, Mr. DD thinks that it will be a smart idea to pour ketchup on my freshly shampooed carpets. I bite my tongue and say nothing. It comes with the territory of having a two year, however, I think he is like 5 toddlers rolled into one. I go sit back down at my desk and attempt to start writing again. By now, I’ve completely lost my motivation. Then the screaming starts, Mr. DD and Ms. DQ, have decided that they aren’t going to share or get along. They keep fighting over the TV, one changes it and the other changes it back, and typically they agree on shows since they both like the same thing. Not soon after that, they decide that it is necessary to start hitting each other and scream even louder. Mr. DD has nothing compared to the set of lungs that Ms. DQ has, her screams are loud and she hits a frequency I’m not even sure is possible.

That is how my morning has gone and it isn’t even 11 am yet. As I write this post, Ms. DQ is sitting on the couch with the peanut butter jar and a spoon, and I am saying nothing. Mr. DD has pulled her hair and ripped the remote away from her, and she is heading to her room to pout as if the world is coming to an end.

The point of this post is this…if I can write then anyone can. If writing is something you truly enjoy doing or it is your dream to write a story but then you always make excuses that you don’t time…it’s time to stop using that excuse. You have to make time. Even if it’s only 20 minutes a day, even if it takes a year to write a book (or longer), at least you are doing it. Your dreams aren’t going to come you, you have to go after it with everything you have. Nothing in life comes easy to you, you don’t get handed everything on a silver platter, unless you’re a princess, but that’s probably not the case. You have to MAKE time to go after your dream, even if it takes a little longer than you want, you’re still doing it. Life is way too short to just coast through and settling for something less than what you love. You have to make sacrifices for your dreams. Instead of going out on the weekend with friends, you stay in to write. Or in my case, instead of going to bed at a decent time, I’m awake until 3 am writing. In the beginning, I didn’t push myself to get into a routine, I just wrote whenever I had the time. Granted, I also worked full time but my writing wasn’t going anywhere. Not until I had a complete meltdown which showed me how much writing really means to me. Yes, I sacrifice family time, or alone time with my husband. Sometimes housework and laundry is neglected but I know one day it will all be worth it. Living your dream is always worth it, no matter how big or small that dream may be.

If I can find the time to write, if I can find the time to get on a routine, if I can finish one book and near the end of the second one, then anyone can. As long as they are putting the effort into it. I realize I’ve wasted valuable time writing this post when I could be writing instead -word count says I’m at 1440 already- but I wanted to share a bit what I go through on a daily basis. This doesn’t even include naptime (which is a fight with Mr. DD), or the chaos that happens when the older kids return home. Or having to cook dinner, help with homework, bath time, and bed time. Then dealing with Mr. Grump himself when he gets home. (He’s not always grumpy just most of the time LOL).

Writing is my passion. Writing is my dream. I make time for it because there is nothing else I want to do. Plus the crazy voices inside my head drive me crazy if I don’t put them down onto paper (or computer) fast enough. Well, I’ve jabbered on long enough, and Mr. DD has decided it will be fun to pull about 100 dvds out of the movie cabinet and spread them all over the floor in the last ten minutes.

If there is anything you can get out of this, I hope it’s this:

Make time to do what you love. Never settle for anything less. And always, always, remember that no dream is too big and no dream is too little.

And now, they are entering the kitchen.

And now, they are entering the kitchen.

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