When MOM gets sick

Everyone knows that MOMS are Superheroes.

Moms are chefs.

Moms are maids.

Moms are doctors.

Moms are nannies.

Moms are story tellers.

Moms are listeners.

Moms are best friends.

Simply put, MOMS do everything. And without them, life would be very hard.

But what happens when MOM falls ill. I’ll tell you what happens…all hell breaks loose.

It always seems like whenever I get sick, my children suddenly forget how to care and entertain themselves for the most part. It’s like their very existence ceases to exist because I’m not there watching their every footstep. They forget how to pick up after themselves. They forget how to bring down their laundry. They forget how to tie their shoes. Everything. All of a sudden, they are needy and clingy, when all I want to do is lay down and hope I can keep something-anything-down.

I look around the house and see that it looks like a tornado has hit and I don’t want to move but I do anyways. Because if I don’t get up and clean then who will? If I don’t get up to cook then I guess we all starve. If I don’t do laundry then it looks like its they either wear dirty clothes to school or go naked. If I left it up to them…they’d probably choose the latter.

When I fall sick, it seems like my children act out more. Take today for example; I know Mr. DD is in his terrible twos stage. Yes, I know that all to well. But today, he’s been really testing the waters. Hot sauce and BBQ sauce is NOT fun to clean out of the carpet when you’re trying not to puke every 5 seconds. The screaming and yelling is intensified because you have a headache and hardly had any sleep because you were praying to the Porcelain God the night prior. Every little thing that has happened today has been over dramatic and quite unnecessary. When he finally did nap, I thought to myself, “Great, now I can relax while he sleeps.” Then I look around my house and see…nope…there won’t be any rest during nap time.

But that’s life as a mom. We don’t get sick days. Our job is 24/7. And we do it because there is nothing else we would rather be doing. Not even sleeping. No matter how terrible you feel. All you want to do is tend to your house and kids. Whether you have one-or 4- your life revolves around kids. And that’s okay. You were trusted with another human being’s life to raise and to nurture. To care for and to love. And that is the greatest blessing in life. Yes, sometimes, there are going to be bad days. Some days, all you want to do is curl up in a ball, suck your thumb, and cry. But you can’t. Sick or not, there are other little beings that need you. I may complain about it on days like today, feeling the way I do, but nothing- I repeat, nothing-can ever make me trade it for anything .

So here’s to all the superheroes out there. To all the MOMS out there who don’t get to go to the bathroom in private. To those who wait until all the kids are sound asleep before finally taking your shower for the day or sitting down for the first time. Here’s to all the MOMS who do it because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to. MOMS don’t get sick days. MOMS don’t get time off. And that’s okay. Because although it may not seem like it now but they will appreciate everything you do one day. Even when they don’t get what they want that day, they still appreciate what you do. They will remember those days when you were sick but still made time to play with them.

That’s why MOMS are Superheroes.

One thought on “When MOM gets sick

  1. Thank you for writing this post! We are definitely superheroes! I could so relate to everything you wrote! Not at all trying to promote a post, but it just made me laugh that I wrote a very similar post when I was sick a while back. I had just started blogging weekly (which I cannot do anymore) and was so annoyed that posting a blog was suddenly required on top of everything else, while SICK! I was so happy to find this post and discover I’m not the only one. 😉 http://www.patriciamann.me/sick-blog/


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